People are the most important asset to any organization.  From the front desk to the back office to senior management, employees can make or break a company's success.   
When you have a position to fill, you want to have the confidence that your new employee has the qualifications, experience, intelligence and personality to be productive and successful.  Hiring right the first time is critical in terms of time, money and productivity.

Most managers don’t have the time or the skills to conduct an in-depth interview. Even those who are well trained in all areas of staffing, assessments, benefits, etc, are not skilled interviewers.

That’s where the RIGHT Recruiters can help!!!

Right Recruiting can help you make the Right hiring choice - every time. We interview you, your managers and HR staff, and review job descriptions and other staff members as appropriate. We learn not only your talent requirements, but also your culture.

You must know where and how to find what you need. Twenty years experience in finding, recruiting, and assessing the staffing needs of our customers, as well as the talents and skills of an active database of 2,000 pre-employment-tested candidates, puts us in the perfect position to find the RIGHT candidate for you. We have a strong focus on cultivating relationships with contacts, which helps us build a solid talent pipeline. We build the relationships with potential candidates, so that when you are ready to open requisitions again, we have quality people waiting to fill them.

The best predictor of future behavior is previous behavior. We build our interviews around a set of standard questions for the position, and then we spend an hour testing and assessing the candidate. Candidates are then added to the database where they are tracked and contacted on a regular basis. We check their references at a minimum, with two business references, and we will provide more if requested.

Relationships are built over time through consistent communication and multiple touch points. As we build relationships with passive candidates, they learn more about your organization, and you learn more about their career needs. Through this process we better determine what positions will be just the RIGHT fit for a candidate, and at the RIGHT time to invite them to make the move.

Hiring managers can greatly improve their odds of selecting successful top-producing employees, by using recruiters professionally trained in validated selection techniques. The benefits of our selection techniques far outweigh the costs­ in every case!

Give us an opportunity on your next hiring need – as a contingency recruiter. You do not incur any cost until you hire one of our candidates. You will be glad you did!